Client: Retail Management LLC
Managers: Yurii Serhiienko
Website: http://www.greenhills.kz

Soon everything will be


was to sell townhouses in Green Hills village

In order to complete the task we had to to understand what was the real estate market in Almaty. We started  the project in the second half of 2016, when the real estate market started to rise gradually after the period of stagnation, caused by the devaluation of the national currency, however this was relevant to economy class real estate only, while we dealt with premium class real estate property, the cost of each townhouse was ten times higher than the cost of 1, 2 bedroom apartment – the most popular real estate object. In addition, the houses were all smoothly finished (i.e. higher in price). The task was even more challenging because the customer already hired Kazakhstan leading agency before, which positioned itself as the number one in Internet advertising. We have worked out a sales strategy: Slightly changed the existing Landing Page Defined the main sale channels We made a research on potential customers – we asked the client who would be a potential customer of the townhouse, we visited similar villages and even spied on  their residents (age, status, what cars they drive, what phones they use – everything was important) We created  emotional appeals for advertisements and posts for social networks We made a  content plan and plan to run the adverts We installed a call tracking system for the website And started to work. In the process of work, we regularly updated and adjusted the targeting settings of advertising companies, each time improving the performance by studying the statistics of visits and the quality of telephone calls from customers. As a result, all townhouses were sold, the majority during the first 4 months after the first announcement was launched.

The project was implemented in 160 working hours and included:

-strategy development;

-website design;

-HTML layout of the website;

-creation of a site on the basis of SPA + AJAX;

-creation of advertising materials;

-setting up Google Adwords, Facebook ADS, Yandex Direct.




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