Client: SanavitaFood
Managers: Yurii Serhiienko
Website: https://sanavidafood.com

This website service was created for those who takes care of their health and choose healthy nutrition


Was to develop online service order and delivery of healthy food

We provided the option to look at and choose between different packages with an efficient
option to review the gallery of food products and dishes, apply sophisticated algorithm in
order to estimate one’s personal daily ration limit which is to be calculated basing on the
purpose and the body parameters to be entered by the consumer, such as: gender, weight,
height, age, etc.
While ordering, the customer can choose additional low calorie products on special EXTRA
page, there is also an option provided to choose number of days for delivery of products in
calendar, which is to be formed on the basis of information identified in the type of payment
(week, month, 31 day) and date of the beginning of food products delivery.

Online payment option with Sabadell bank cards was elaborated.

The process of placing an order in the order http://sanavidafood.com/cabinet/auth

Order processing in the administration panel includes viewing all orders, even those that have not been completed, with the ability to change the order for the customer, view it, with a complete list of all products, selected customers, print out and the order calendar is the page on which All orders are displayed according to the schedule of work sanavidafood.

On the main page posted a script for displaying entries in the instagram by hashtag. 

The project was implemented in 500 working hours and included:

  • creating a website design;
  • website HTML layout;
  • building the website on the Laravel framework;
  • testing and training for the customer on how to operate the website.




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